Image Link Reclamation

1405349548_Monitoring20% of coverage for your infographic doesn’t have the correct link or citation*.

It’s flattering that someone else likes your work enough to use it but we all know the internet is littered with pages using your infographics and other images such as product photos without your permission and without proper attribution. The chances are you can live with people not asking for permission provided they are correctly attributing your work – but the problem is they’re not. (*Based on Skyrocket data from infographic promotion campaigns operated Jan-Jun 2014)

Bloggers and webmasters are using your visual content to enhance their website and many aren’t even citing you, let alone linking to you. This means that every single month you are missing out on masses of link equity as well as hundreds if not thousands of potential visitors.

You could choose one of the many excellent tools out there that perform reverse image search to monitor how and where your images get used, yet monitoring is really only half the battle. It can take hours of coordination and outreach to actually get the websites using your images or infographics to update their pages.

That’s why we launched our image link reclamation service. We handle everything:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Image monitoring
  • Prospect list building
  • Outreach
  • Facilitation / Inbox Management
  • Reporting

All for a fixed price per link. Prices vary based on the industry and how many times your images have been used but we are very competitively priced. Our pricing model means that if we’re not successful in getting the attribution, you don’t have to pay us.

Many clients hire us on an ongoing basis to monitor their library of visuals, do what we do best and then simply report back each month with the links.

Please get in touch for a free, no obligation image opportunity assessment

PS. If it’s not attribution you want but rather you are concerned with permissions and usage rights; we also offer a ‘monitor & takedown’ service where we can identify copyright theft, track down the host and file a DMCA request if required. Contact us using the form above for details.