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We mine the Internet for opportunities relevant to your industry.


We review opportunities by hand and ensure prospects fit our criteria.


We help you create a highly linkable, information-rich website.


Our trained specialists develop relationships on your behalf.


We provide regular updates so you have full visibility of link building.

What kinds of links can you expect?

Our work will yield a variety of links to your website - a range of domain authority, TrustFlow, CitationFlow or whichever metric you use - this is because we put relevance at the core of our process. If however you need to guarantee a certain metric please advise and we will prepare a custom quote.

Most clients are happy that we put relevance at the core of what we do and are already enjoying the benefits of targeted, valuable inbound links.  In May 2015, the average Moz Domain Authority of a link from us was DA46.

We mine the Internet for topically-relevant link prospects and then facilitate the process of getting your information-rich website in front of them. This is the most natural way to do proactive link building.

If you are ever unhappy with any of the links we get for you, we'll keep working until you are happy or offer you a refund. We care more about our reputation than keeping a few extra dollars.

We approach the following types of websites:

  • Academic/Educational
  • Public Service & Governmental
  • Specialist Webmasters
  • Authoritative Bloggers

How much does it cost?

You control the budget and we work to a set price-per-link.

Content creation is quoted separately and any content creation costs must be paid in advance. In the majority of cases we can work with existing content but please contact us if you are unsure.


  • 4-10 links - $169 each
  • 11-20 links - $158 each
  • 21 -50 links - $150 each
  • 51+ links - $135 each

*Prices subject to VAT for UK based clients.

What kinds of pages do we build links to?

Sorry no gambling websites.

Best results are achieved with pages that have utility beyond their commercial intent. Think objectively and ask yourself is there a reason people would want to link to this page?

We are earning links for your website through merit rather than manipulation so please remember that another human will be reviewing the page.

Here are a few things that have worked well before:

  • Tutorials
  • Tools
  • Glossaries
  • Resource pages
  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • eBooks
  • Long-form blog posts
  • Visual content

We can often get links to your homepage and money pages as well provided they have utility. If you are unsure just get in touch and we'll let you know the chances of success. In most cases we can help you make a few tweaks that will dramatically improve your chances of scoring links.

And if you don't really have anything that fits the bill, please get in touch and we can discuss creating some top-notch content for you.

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