Common client conflicts when building links (and how to deal with them)

Published on June 11, 2012 by James Agate

If a client relationship turns sour, it isn’t always the client’s fault. We all love to laugh at Clients from Hell and read posts like Stop Buying Snake Oil. But more often than not we as the vendor have to take most of the responsibility, not because “the customer is always right” (they’re not by […]

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The Complete Guide to Blogging for your Business

Published on April 16, 2012 by James Agate

Introduction [dropcap]A[/dropcap] successful blog will become the heart of a business; the content engine, the customer acquisition system and the platform to develop thought leadership in an industry. At Skyrocket, we’ve built a business around our blog and many people comment that our website feels more like a blog rather than a corporate website but […]

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How do we evaluate link opportunities?

Published on April 3, 2012 by James Agate

A question we frequently get asked is how we evaluate link opportunities. Whilst we don’t reveal our precise system for scoring and sifting prospective link partners, in this post I will explain the general principle behind our system to give you an idea of how we operate. The way we operate and our strategy depends […]

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30+ resources for generating content ideas

Published on March 14, 2012 by James Agate

As anyone who participates in content-based link building will tell you – coming up with ideas for content to produce is one of the hardest parts. If you’ve got a great idea, the rest of the process becomes a lot easier…pitching great stuff makes outreach much less painful. Bloggers get excited if you are pitching […]

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How to craft high-conversion outreach emails

Published on January 26, 2012 by James Agate

Outreach emails are probably one of the biggest challenges faced by SEOs. In this post, I will run through how we write ‘high-conversion’ outreach emails. By conversion of course I mean getting them do take the desired action. It all starts with a mindset… Don’t be afraid of email – you will get some people […]

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